Friday, May 6, 2011

Two weeks in Thailand

we have basically gone from the far south of Thailand to the far north in these two weeks, and today we are off to Bangkok. I am excited to see the big city, we started at Patong, a beach town, then came to Chiang Mai. The atmosphere here is a cross between a historical temple town and a locals city. They have nice markets during the day and at night, selling all sorts of toys, lights, clothes and trinkets of every kind. We met some really interesting people at our cooking course, one of which we randomly ran into the day after the course and went for some drinks with him. He was a toxicologist from Germany, named Dom. We had a really good night with him. The next day we went to the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai, up on the hill. This was amazing not only because of the history and the temple itself, but the way the area was scattered with vendors, dogs and children. It seemed that the temple had been converted into a tourist trap, not very sacred but the way it is i suppose. When we were in Patong we spent alot of time on the beach, and in the the bars, that's what that place was based around. We had an awesome time with our Irish pong show yikes, but it was all good fun. There was a million things to see and do there, it was like Thialands Vegas. Well have to pack for Bangkok so i will update later peace

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  1. Oh so much to see and do!!!! Crazy - loved your pics - cooking course looked amazing - you and Chels are getting all sorts of orders (ha,ha) - amazing scenery too. went down to Gramma's for our annual clean up day - not a lot of us there, as there was soccor tourney for Donna and Krista's family, but good visit, and lots of laughs and I am now just as deaf as Gramma I have been told!?!@?! Oh Well. Anyway, imagine you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of r & s - should be fun. tcoeo