Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bali Bali

We have been in bali for a week and a half now, the weather has been great and the people are awesome. Everyone is trying to sell you something, from watches to hats, shoes to massages. The restaurants have every type of food you can think of, but one of our favourite dishes is from the little street vendors, called mie goreng. It is like ichi ban but way better. It usually comes with a fried egg on top or some chicken. Every other day we head down to the beach and rent some beach loungers from Bruno. He runs one of the bars on the beach, which are really just an area where they set up loungers and bring you drinks. He's a nice guy though always remembers us and will sit and chat with us. It only costs 45000 rupiah for two chairs and two beers. Thats only like 5 bucks! Some things can cost quite a bit relatively, like sushi and some of the restaurants. You can find really good deals though, like charcoal cooked corn with spicy butter for 10000 rupiah ($1.10), or cheap little warangs (restaurants). The beach is really dirty sometimes especially at night after the waves have pushed all the trash on the beach, but on legian beach, the beach closest to us it has been pretty good. The ocean is incredibly salty, and has plastic wrappers in it most of the time, but still alot of fun. It's funny how your cleanliness standards drop when your in asia. When we first arrived in bali we were a little leery about our hotel and the streets at night but now it if just a bunch of fun. And once you get used to the locals pestering you to buy things you can see the humour in it. One guy asked us if we wanted transportation and we said no thanks, then he just said yes and we said no thanks again and he replied why not? They are just silly. When it gets a but later at night some guys will offer transport, so we said no, then he leans in and offers mushrooms and girls. Haha a little scary when selling drugs in indonesia gets the death penalty. Next we are off to Thailand in 4 days, i will keep you posted. Happy travels!!!!!!

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  1. Glad to hear you know the laws. Sounds like you are having fun, and seeing lots of sights stay safe, be very careful - glad to hear you are meeting up with Rick and Skinny - you guys will just have a ton of fun to be with your friends again. Happy travels back at yah = tcoeo.