Monday, March 14, 2011

days and nights in Melbourne

We have been in melbourne for three days now and it is an awesome city. We are in central downtown at our hostel. We have been busy everyday looking around and trying to get a vehicle.   We went out to a bar last night and partied with some mangled aussies, lotsa fun. We went and met a korean couple today to look at their car. I hope we get it, but i dunno yet. The price of renting is crazy so we would be way better off just buying. Then after the test drive we were back in the hostel and started talking to a guy form toronto and he told us he was a street preformer, so we went and watched his show. Its was cool, he rode a ten foot unicycle, juggled fire and chain saws, and was very entertaining. Then we wandered down the yarra river to find a huge festival called the moomba festival. Kinda like a giant carnival, but with a water ski-jump competition, and fire works, and ten times bigger than any other fair/ carnival i've ever seen. All in all a great day, but the city is quite expensive and we are looking to get out pretty soon, with or without a car. i'll keep you posted, ciao

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  1. Hope everything went wll with the car shopping - sounds like Melbourne was very nice, lots to see and do.
    Have fun going up the coast line - should be a nice drive - hope the Ford has airconditioning!!!