Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine Coast?????

We have been in our new van for almost a week and haven't really had any good weather yet. Kinda bummed but we are still seeing the east coast and moving along. We get a decent day here and there but usually it's it's overcast and rainy. This is not what we expected of australia in the middle of summer. We are of course still having an awesome time and are really excited to get to asia. We have all of our flights and tours booked, almost, except our ticket out of asia. We are unsure of where we will go next, possibly to Perth for work or Adelaide. Most likely we will set up in Perth for a while and get jobs and earn some money. We have certainly spent enough.
We are in a little beach town called Coolum right now, and about half way to Cairns. We are begging for some hot weather and I think the further north we go the better chance we have to get it. Either way we will be in Bali in about a week so there had better be good weather there or we will just give up and go home. Jokes

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  1. Too bad about the weather, would be nice to have some smokin heat for awhile.
    Loved the last set of pics - the beaches look wonderful even if it isn't so hot.
    Everyone is doing good here, Jenny comin for a visit, and so are our friends Val and John coming for a weekened - going to the Blues on White for Saturday night runaway!