Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upwards down under

We have started our northerly voyage in the land down under. We are now in Sydney, a beautiful city but we both still preferred melbourne alot. I guess it could be because our hostel is in the middle of smelly china town or the two days of rain we had. The weather is looking up, today we went to the harbour bridge and the opera house and tomorrow we are going to bondi beach, the nude section hopefully. Can't wait to get back in the sun. Our flight to asia are booked but for now we are concentrating on our path to cairns. I will try to keep the posts coming but our access to the internet is shady. We have started to frequent the local mac D's because they all have free internet but sometimes we feel like we have overstayed our welcome.(three hours and one 50 cent ice cream later) haha, o well. I will keep you updated!!!

1 comment:

  1. Luv your posts, by the way, what are "mangled Aussies?"
    Keep on having fun!